Computer Literacy 4 Kids


Donation Information

Thank you for your interest in donating to CL4K! We at CL4K, and most importantly, the children we help, appreciate your generosity.  

There are 3 ways donate

1) Laptop(s) to donate. 

Please contact us. We will come pick up your laptop(s) or provide for them to be shipped to us at no charge to you.
We may be reached at Donate [at] or 408-337-CL4K (2545).

2) Check 

Please make the check out to "Computer Literacy 4 Kids." 
Our mailing address is: CL4K Donations, Attn: Ankur Luthra, 525 University Ave, Suite 620, Palo Alto, CA 94301

3) Securely through PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to donate this way).


FAQs from Potential Donors

The most common question we get asked is if the donation is tax deductible. Answer --> YES! 

Like the Red Cross, Salvation Army, and others, CL4K is a IRS approved and registered "501(c)(3)" non-profit organization. 

The "501(c)(3)" designation means that accepted and appropriate donations to CL4K are tax-deductible. Every accepted donation will be given an official CL4K receipt, which is proof of the donor's donation for personal records and tax purposes. The receipt has all the detail the IRS needs to acknowledge the donation. 

What does the receipt look like?

A picture of our receipt can be found below. The monetary amount of the item is information that CL4K does not determine. The donor fills in this information from either (1) a receipt of purchase which lists the purchase amount for the donated item(s) or (2) using best judgment and fair valuation in the mind of the buyer.

Key items in the receipt are:

- Donor Information - this part is filled out by hand by a CL4K member to add authenticity to the receipt. 
- Items/Value - the item information is filled out by a CL4K member. 
- Signature and Name of CL4K member/partner - this adds authenticity to the receipt for IRS purposes
- Organization Number - This number is CL4K's registration number with the Secretary of State in California, USA, the state in which CL4K was founded.

If you need more information, please email Donate [at] (when emailing, please change " [at] " to @) . Thank you!

Disclaimer: The information provided here is to the best of knowledge to CL4K. The information should not be taken as the law, as that is for the IRS and Federal and State governments to specify.