The Donation Process, receiving and giving

How CL4K helps:

1) We received a generous donation of a laptop from Bay Area resident, Linda. The laptop was 3 years old. We gave her the CL4K FedEx number and she simply packed it up and dropped it off at FedEx Office, pre-paid by CL4K. 

She received an official registered non-profit donation receipt of her generous donation.  

2) We received this donation request email a month later


To Whom It May Concern:

I am currently working with a family with three young girls in Vallejo, CA.  The family, especially these young girls, has undergone several adversities in the past couple of months.  Yet the girls remain committed to advancing in school and maintaining a positive attitude.  One of the wishes of these girls is to have a computer to do their school work on.  The family has very limited income.  I am hoping to find an organization that will be able to donate a computer to the girls. 

I found your website and hope that your organization is able to assist or connect with someone that will be able to help the girls.  Any assistance would greatly be appreciated and would be a tremendous difference in the lives of these three girls.

Name Withheld for Privacy

Social Worker II, Victim Resource Specialist
Solano County Office of Family Violence Prevention
475 Union Avenue, Fairfield, Ca 94533


3) We responded right away, and were in direct contact with the eldest sister in the family, who was taking care of these three young girls, ages 10, 8, and 4. She talked about their hardships, including the Mother's having served jail time, their being on welfare, and her, the eldest sister, having been through 8 years of foster care. Her politeness and optimism clearly stood out.

4) We notified the donor, Linda, as to where her donation was going. We believe transparency is important in the non-profit world. Do you know exactly where your past donations have ended up? We are proud that our donors do.

Here are some notes from the girls directly sent to us: